Well Control Instructor

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Well Control Instructor

Techniques Training International is looking for a well control instructor to teach well control and conduct simulator exercises from Accra, Ghana and/or Lagos, Nigeria classroom I locations. To start, this position will be a consulting position on an as-needed/as-available basis.

APPLICANT REQUIREMENTS: In order to apply for this position, applicants must meet the following criteria:

· Good experience in both land and offshore drilling operations. Ideal candidate will have minimum of 10 years.

· Good supervisory level experience in drilling operations (Driller, Toolpusher, Wellsite Leader, Drilling Engineer, Superintendent, etc.)

· Candidates must have a current IADC or IWCF well control certificate at a Supervisor Level. Instructors are required to obtain and maintain both IADC and IWCF Instructor accreditation.

· Interest in teaching and mentoring. Effective communication skills.

· English must be first language. Other languages would be desirable, but not required.

· Good computer skills. Must be familiar with Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)

· Team Player. Must be able to work well with other instructors, and administrative personnel.

· Good health. Must be energetic and stand in front of class every day.

· Bachelor of Science preferably in Engineering.

Resumes should include a minimum of three (3) references. Applicants should send cover letter with a resume attached to


The ability to follow instructions are a requirement for the position. Submissions to any other email will not be considered for the position.

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