Top Rig Mechanic Interview Question

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Top Rig Mechanic Interview Question
The rig mechanic  / Chief Mechanic carries out daily prophylactic support checks to make sure equipment is operating within proper limitations and in good condition.  Core competencies of the rig mechanic should include obligation to excellence, company value understanding, well identifying and responding to current and future needs of clients, good teamwork and promoting a safe work environment for colleagues and customers.
Commonly, required qualifications for this position are 5 years of related experience or equivalent combination of education and that kind of experience, oil rig experience, valid driver’s license.
The rig mechanic / Chief Mechanic is required to work the generality of hours in the remote industrial environment and needs be able to respond quickly to a shift in work demands.
Like any other jobs, interview round is important in finding out most suited persons for the rig mechanic position. Specified below are rig mechanic  / Chief Mechanic interview questions that you can refer to when deciding what to ask your candidates. Hope they help.

Questions about Draw Work

1. How many clutches in draw work?
2. Where is high clutch?
3. Where is low clutch?
4. What type of oil is used in the draw work?
5. What type of pump is used in the draw work?
6. What is the clearance of brand type brake?
7. How much clearance in the disk brake?
8. How many types of hydraulic cylinders are used in disk brake?
9. What is used for the draw work and Elmagco break cooling?
10. What is the required PH value of Elmagco cooling water?
11. What is inertia brake?
12. What is quick release valve?
13. How many gears in the draw work?
14. How the gear shift works?
15. You can use low and high clutch together?
16. If there is no air, can you use clutch?
17. Can you increase or decrease the clutch air?
18. How many stuffing boxes in the draw work?
19. What is the use of stuffing box?
20. What is crown block saver?
21. How does the crown block saver work?
22. What is the oil pressure range?

Questions about Mud Pump

23. What is the fluid end?
24. What is the power end?
25. What are cross heads?
26. What is the clearance limit of cross heads?
27. What is the normal back lash value of main and pinion gear?
28. How can you check the back lash?

Questions about Oil Pump and Engines

29. Please tell me details about oil pump capacity
30. Please tell me details about over hauling specification
31. Please tell me details about valve lash of engines
32. Please tell me details about Smart Electric Monitor System (SEMS)
33. Please tell me details about engine oil pressure
34. What is the function of turbo?
35. What is intercooler?
36. Please tell me details about types of mud pumps
37. Please tell me details about types of air compressors
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